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F.A.Q.'s About EPHS

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About EPHS

What is Educational Partnership High School (EPHS)?
EPHS is an alternative education high school specializing in independent study. It is part of the Long Beach Unified School District, which means a student must follow all district rules and meet all district graduation requirements.  The purpose of EPHS is to provide students with an alternative academic environment that enables students to get back on track and return to the comprehensive high school or to extend their high school education beyond the traditional. (Completing graduation requirements in 4 ½, 5 or 5 ½ years)  It is common for some students to need an extended amount of time (years) in order to meet the graduation requirements.

Who can enroll at EPHS?  How do students enroll?
Students grade 10 through 12 may be referred to EPHS.  Students who live within the Long Beach Unified School District boundaries are eligible to enroll at EPHS.  They must be referred by a comprehensive high school or alternative option within the district.  The referral process starts with the counselor at the sending school.   Students will be scheduled for registration at the EPHS Main Office.  All students must have a parent or guardian attend registration.

How does EPHS work?
Students are assigned to one independent study teacher and possibly a math teacher, depending upon whether or not they have met the math requirements for graduation.  They take two or three classes at a time (one being math).  When a semester’s course is completed they begin another class.

What happens during a student/teacher appointment?
During the appointment, the teacher reviews and/or gives assistance on current or previous assignments with the student.  The student takes tests, does research and may work on technology skills in the Technology Center.  Students may also be participating in small group or individual instruction or group projects.

How do students get instruction in independent study?
It should be understood that there is no regular direct instruction in independent study.  The teacher acts as a facilitator.  They rely upon the student being able to read and understand directions, make correlations and apply information.  The teacher will assist and coach, but does not give a lesson before the student begins an assignment.  If students need assistance, they must be able to explain what it is they do not understand.  Independent study is not the appropriate placement if a student needs daily instruction.  Some direct instruction is provided in Math and Language Arts, but it is not offered on a daily basis.

How often does a student have to meet with the teacher?
The student is required to meet with the teacher at least twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half.  Individual teachers may require more time depending on need.   Students are required to complete a minimum of at least five (5) credits every four weeks (QW) to remain enrolled.   In order to earn 5 credits each QW the student must be completing an average of four (4) hours of schoolwork each day Monday-Friday.  Some students work at a slower pace, which means they will have to put in additional study time.

How many credits can a student earn at EPHS?
A student may earn a maximum of ten (10) credits every four-week period (QW).  If a student is enrolled for an entire semester, he/she may earn a maximum of approximately fifty (50) credits and twenty (20) credits during the summer (July and August).   Earning 10 credits during a 4-week time period is rare.  Parents and students should not expect to earn an unlimited number of credits in a short period of time.  Any program that allows students to earn an inordinate number of credits may not have credibility.

Do courses meet state and district standards?
All core academic courses are designed to meet California Content Standards.  EPHS, in most cases, uses the same textbook and course outlines as the traditional high school.  In order to meet the standards, additional work besides the text is required.  Since the standards must be imbedded, it often takes more than four (4) weeks to complete a core academic course.  Teachers will usually pair a core academic class with a non-academic class.

Do Courses meet the A-G requirements?
Yes the following courses meet the college A-G requirements (Eng 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, Modern World History, U.S. History, Government, Economics, Algebra) and a few of the electives.

Can Special Education students enroll?
Special Education students follow the same enrollment process with the addition of having the special education administrator review the student’s records and IEP before approving a referral to EPHS.  When transferring to EPHS a change of placement must be completed via an IEP meeting. Once the IEP is completed the student can enroll at EPHS.

Can students earn a high school diploma at EPHS?
Yes.  EPHS is an accredited high school and issues a Long Beach Unified School District Diploma.  Students must meet the same graduation requirements as any other high school in the district. We have a graduation ceremony at the end of the school year, and any student who completes requirements by the end of May is invited to participate in the ceremony.  EPHS does not have a Senior Prom, Senior Party or a Baccalaureate.

Can students continue their enrollment at EPHS after they are 18 years old?
If students are in good academic standing (completing at least the minimum required amount of work weekly), they may continue their enrollment after turning 18.  However, if 18-year-old students are dis-enrolled, or are dis-enrolled and turns 18, they may not re-enroll.  They will be referred to the Long Beach School for Adults.

Can students graduate early?
Students may graduate one semester early.  EPHS does not allow students to enroll in classes before the scheduled grade level time.  12th-graders may complete both semesters of 12th grade requirements during the Fall semester, only, if they plan to earn an EPHS diploma.

What happens if a student’s reading skills are below grade level?
How are they able to read the materials?

All students referred should meet a minimum 6th grade reading level.  Since the success of students in independent study is directly related to their ability to read, it is highly unlikely that a student reading below the minimum requirement will be successful. It is important to remember, a student’s literacy skills can determine whether or not the student will complete enough credits each semester to put him/her back on track or keep the student on track for graduation.  If a student takes longer than four weeks to complete a course and/or if literacy skills improve, but at a slow rate, parents/students should realize, it will take longer than four years to meet the graduation requirements.

How does the regular program differ from the summer program?
The Summer School Program is a specialized program for credit deficient students and is considered to be remedial.  The focus is on earning credits for classes that were not previously passed.  Our regular program, however, focuses on building skills needed to meet all graduation requirements.

If a student enrolls during the semester are his/her transfer grades considered credits?
No.  There are no credits for transfer grades.  If a student does not complete a semester at the comprehensive high school and transfers to EPHS, he/she begins the semester at the time he/she enrolls.  For this reason, we encourage students who are passing classes and wish to enroll the second/fourth quarter, to remain at the comprehensive high school.  Quite often, they can earn more credits completing the semester than starting a new one.

If a student earns enough credits at EPHS, can he/she transfer at the end of the fall/spring semester back to the comprehensive high school?
Yes.  The student will need to make sure that all credits are completed at least one week prior to the end of the semester.  The student then requests that the EPHS Office generate a return letter with appropriate documentation.  The letter is taken to the appointment the student has scheduled with the counselor at the comprehensive high school.  The student will be withdrawn from EPHS when acceptance at the high school has been verified.  Students deciding to return to the comprehensive high school must stay there for at least one semester, before requesting return to EPHS.